Testimonials are a great way of saying ‘we support you’ and when it is coming from such beautiful accomplished people,it means more than just words!

  • Ramya Rajadurai, Toronto – 

    I’m sick and tired of the stigma associated with this incurable depressing condition, but I found your writing has provided me with a sliver of hope.
    THANK YOU for doing what you do. Please PLEASE continue gracing our thoughts with your infectiously positive and hopeful writing. You would not believe how many people you have saved. I will keep sending you well wishes and I will continue spreading the word of your articles. It almost feels like therapy to read them 🙂
    Your lifelong fan and supporter.”

“I have never ever been able to meet someone like you who has so much empathy and functional knowledge about PCOS. Honestly speaking when I first contacted you, I had my doubts that you too , being a doc, will advise glycomet, aldactone and ocps… What a relief it is to hear your viewpoint and a more holistic approach. You came like an angel to me.”

  • Jobonika Bora, ph.D Psychology –  

   “Great initiative. I used to feel ‘no periods less problem’ until I started reading the articles about PCOS. I know so much more about PCOS now, something I always otherwise ignored about my health. We all need to be aware of it. Very informative . Keep writing !”

  • Kalika Sood – Actozen, a website dedicated towards women’s health and wellness –

“A wonderful effort by Dr.Tiwari. She is enthusiastic about what she is doing. PCOS is a bigger problem than many of us realize and Dr. Tiwari is doing so much to raise awareness. A great start to something so much bigger.”

  • Dr.Aastha Bajaj, M.B.B.S

“A wonderful initiative…! As PCOS has been emerging as a slow epidemic among women. Nice work by Dr. Supriya Tiwari. I would recommend all women (and men, too) who come across this page to go through it and share with their friends. A little effort can improve many lives…!”

  • Dr.Kavya Sudha, M.B.B.S

 “PCOS is a very common hormonal disorder affecting nearly 25% women in the reproductive age group which translate to 1 in every 4 women. Although statistics might sound scary, most of the women can find relative relief by adopting simple and cost effective lifestyle modifications. The right way to do so is by creating awareness and helping each other. This page does just that … So ladies hit the like button and do yourself a small favour by creating a healthier tomorrow. All the gentlemen out there… You could do the same for all those beautiful women in your life… Awareness is powerful and goes a long way in helping us stay healthy. Kudos to you, Dr. Supriya for this lovely initiative.”

  • Shaunak Das, AI Entrepreneur/Founder Dudegenie 

“PCOS has become very common these days due to changing lifestyle and is affecting lots of women. This initiative has become an excellent medium to raise awareness how to manage PCOD and not let it affect your life badly. Kindly support this initiative so more women should be aware of this menace.”

∼ Thank you∼


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