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Welcome! If you stopped by this blog, chances are, you are a fellow cyster or you know someone struggling with PCOS. Either way, I congratulate you for taking an effort to educate yourself & those around you.

This blog is a small effort by Dr.Supriya Tiwari to bring change in lives of women struggling with PCOS. She is a young doctor who graduated med school in the year 2015 and aspires to get into the residency of her choice. She is struggling with PCOS herself since the year 2010 when she was first diagnosed and has been able to manage PCOS well through the toughest years of her career & continues to do so. Strives to lead a better lifestyle,she shares her experience both personal & professional on the subject because she strongly believes creating awareness can help us reduce health burden significantly among the young female population.

PCOS is very common & complex endocrine disorder affecting the major population of young female in their reproductive age group hence making them more susceptible to developing diabetes & other endocrine disorders sooner or later in life. These complications are easily preventable if one has basic knowledge and awareness about the condition so it doesn’t stop woman to perform their best in various areas of life.

This website is one of the first of it’s kind in India hence your support & word might help a lot of women become informed & deal with it the best way they can.


My purpose is fulfilled If I can make even one person aware through this initiative!


Her articles have been featured on websites like My trending stories (a New York based website), ActozenTruhap, Curofy ( some of the upcoming health care website in India).

©fightpcosinitiative 2016. All rights reserved.


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