5 things to keep in mind about OCPs

OCPs or oral contraceptive pills are one of the most common treatments given for PCOS but there is also a lot of unawareness and myth surrounding OCPs among women. Whether it is the side effects that scare you or ‘not knowing how it works’ part, it is an important aspect to be aware of and also, to know your different options.

So, let’s talk OCPs :

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  • OCPs do not treat PCOS but it is one of the best bet available to us in medical science. If your symptoms are quite troublesome for example acne or facial hair or regularizing your cycle for that matter, OCPs can help you bring them under control but will not cure the root cause of it all. OCPs provide symptomatic relief and the symptoms are likely to come back once the treatment is withdrawn.


  • OCPs will not cause weight gain – It is a very common myth most of the women on OCPs have. Yes, it is a labeled side effect but only if OCPs are taken for a very long time. Most of the women with PCOS are put on OCPs for anywhere between 6 months to 2 years which is completely safe. Moreover, the OCPs we use in modern days are all low dose OCPs which will not lead to weight gain at all.


  • OCPs do not cause cancer – In fact, in long-term, OCPs will reduce your chance to develop uterine cancer in future as it protects the uterus from excessive estrogen exposure by inducing a monthly menstrual period.


  • OCPs may cause other side effects like nausea, bloating, irregular spotting, breast tenderness in some patients initially, hence it is important to talk to your doctor before starting the therapy. Also, mention of any other significant health problems that you may have so your doctor knows how safe it is for you to be started on OCPs.


  • Last but not the least OCPs are not your only resort, it is one of your options. The ultimate solution to control PCOS is to take care of your lifestyle choices, food habits, and managing your weight. Each one of us is unique and so it is left up to you to decide what works for you as I always say. Do not disregard OCPs as a result of unawareness. Try and find whether it works for you or not, talk to your doctor openly, watch for side effects and know that it takes time to get adjusted to OCPs.

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If you have any further questions about OCPs, feel free to leave them down below in the comments. Also, let me know if this is a better way to learn or would you like for me to go back to my usual writing style? Anyway, let me know how you are all doing, it has been soooooo looooong!

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