PCOS is reversible!

Something that you should know – PCOS is very much reversible!

Yes, you heard me right. Many people confuse it being treatable whereas in reality those two are totally different things. Being treatable means you are cured of the disease completely whereas a reversible condition need not necessarily be treated completely. Depending on how you are managing or controlling your symptoms, it comes and goes over a due course of time. PCOS falls into the latter category, which means by choosing a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle, you can reverse almost all of your symptoms.

I hear a lot of people say ‘Ayurveda’ or ‘Homoeopathy’ has a cure for PCOS but that’s not a true story. Any medication, be it allopathy, ayurvedic or homoeopathy currently available only takes care of your symptoms temporarily. Many alternative practitioners even claim to cure PCOS completely, the cysts may disappear and symptoms may vanish but in my experience, most of the time, PCOS symptoms recur and now we do have a proof for it – Recent studies conducted in University of New South Wales in Australia have shown that PCOS might not be starting in ovaries but is related to the presence of certain receptors in our brain which means what everybody is treating might not be the cause at all. Here’s a article to back that up.

Having said that, the good news here is – You can actually choose the course of your progression in PCOS which is a huge advantage in my opinion not only because it motivates you to choose a better lifestyle but because it also empowers you to control if not all, a lot of your symptoms. Now I am not saying controlling your hormones is in your hand or to get obese or not is in your hand but choosing a better health is, a better lifestyle is. I am writing this article today because I can’t emphasise on this fact enough that you really have to be consistent with your lifestyle and exercise routine which is exactly why I encourage you to chose something you can actually do and not set up unrealistic goals.

Here are a few things you can do to reverse your PCOS. These are the things I have written in detail previously but in case you needed a checklist:

  • Better lifestyle choices – Picking up more vegetables instead of processed food the next time you visit grocery. Choosing to eat at home instead of eating out. Following a prime routine to take care of your sleep pattern and circadian rhythm. You know, simple things!The 10 Lifestyle Changes For Healthy and Better Living 6
  • Supplements –  No excuse when it comes to supplementing. Myoinositol, Magnesium, Calcium, folic acid (especially if you are trying to conceive), Omega 3 fatty acids. It’s funny how we never think about spending money on a burger or pizza but when it comes to healthier options like supplements, everyone is like ‘Oh, that’s costly, I am not spending money on that’. I would personally rather invest now in my health than on medical bills later on.


  • Exercise – No alternative to moving. You have to lift yourself up and get going. You deserve to feel better, more energetic and good about yourself! Looking and feeling good gives a different high altogether, don’t miss out on it.


  • Journalling – Keeping a track of your progress not only motivates you but helps you to maintain an optimum health, reminds you of why you are doing this to start with. Next OBGY visit or the time to take supplements, your journal could be your whole of PCOS journey at one place. I recommend keeping a track of your periods, your symptoms, supplements, exercise and any lab report or work up that you may have.


  • Antioxidants – Ideally this comes under lifestyle changes but I am keeping this separately because many women in PCOS struggle with various skin issues and nothing treat them better than your solid source of ‘anti-oxidants’. You could use as many expensive creams or lotions you want but unless you treat the cause from its root, you are not going to find relief. Just a green smoothie in your routine can do wonders for your skin problems.


  • Acceptance and awareness – Last but the most important thing is to make peace with it. The more you worry, the more stressful it becomes, the more cortisol your body generates and in turn the more androgen, so you end doing more harm than anything else. Just accept the changes PCOS cause to your body, follow the last 5 things sincerely and consistently, you will be just fine! The awareness and acceptance go hand in hand because the more you accept yourself, the more you are aware of your own body and the better you handle your PCOS, what to expect and what not to, help others find motivation, share your knowledge and like I always say – Awareness can help us go a long long way in achieving better health for all.


I hope you find this helpful and in joy! Stay active and stay informed.


None of the images used here are my own, no copyright infringement intended. The images are entirely provided for information purpose!

5 thoughts on “PCOS is reversible!

  1. Arunima Verma says:

    Wonderful motivating article. I would request you if you can give the option for food to eat – if you have written an article on it then it would be of great help.


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