Soy in PCOS

It’s been a while since I last posted. I was travelling, I moved, interviewing for jobs and all that jazz but now as I am here, I will try my 100% to stay present and provide you tonnes of #pcos #facts. If I haven’t already said this before – I am hugely grateful for this little community and the bond we share while on our journeys through PCOS. ♥

Coming to the point of the post – Soy in PCOS – Yes or no? Now Soy isn’t such a controversial topic but the contradicting facts are written in its favour and against has led to much contemplation so, as a #pcos awareness platform it is important I write about how its consumption can impact those with PCOS. I am not going to go in depth and produce the proofs of how it is beneficial or not because there are tonnes of articles available to do that. I am just going to explain in simple terms the ‘why’ part of it so you can choose and decide for yourself whether or not you want to include it in your daily diet.

As many of you would know, Soy is one of the commonest alternatives to dairy milk for those trying to avoid animal protein (vegans) or are lactose intolerant. It’s also quite popular among weight watchers to rely on Soy products, given a high-quality protein source, which helps in improving lipid profile hence in losing weight. You must even be familiar with the fact that Soy is high in phytoestrogen which is basically the oestrogens derived from plants.

What many of you don’t know is – PCOS is also a high oestrogenic state along with high testosterone, androgen and other hormonal imbalances. Your body is already producing it in excess because you are not ovulating regularly and that non-ovulatory state is letting our brains think there is the lack of oestrogen so when you take Soy in excess, it can add on to the high oestrogenic state.

However, phytoestrogens are very weak oestrogens so their harmful effect is questionable especially if taken in moderate amount. There is very limited research available to show any ill effects of consuming Soy in PCOS. In fact, a study published in the journal of endocrinology and metabolism a few years back shows improvement in insulin resistance, triglycerides and LDL levels but again, excessive or daily consumption of Soy i.e >25g of Soy protein (which is 4-5 cups of soy milk) could add on to the already high estrogenic state of PCOS.

So you see, there is no right or wrong here but consumption in moderation could benefit you far more in long term than relying completely on just one food to get your PCOS on track.

To add, Soy is known to reduces the oxidative stress on our body because it’s packed with amino acids like Glutathione. It has also shown to reduce the chances of breast and prostate cancer, improves lipid profile overall so according to me the pros outweigh cons by a lot, just make sure you aren’t using only Soy as your substitute to other proteins.

I try my best not to get technical while writing here because I want everybody to equally to benefit from what I write on PCOS so it doesn’t matter whether or not you are related to the health industry, whether or not you have accessibility to information, I hope you find this helpful either way. Kindly share among your friends and family. For any query related to this or other articles – write me on

Stay tuned!


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