Happy 2017 PCOS family!

Here’s wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year ahead!

2016 is over and even though I don’t believe in new year-new beginning concept (because things can start to change the moment you decide to make those changes) I still hope you take better care of your PCOS this coming year, be better at prioritising yourself and be more health conscious.

Remember, the giveaway and the #pcoschallenge2016 that we did? I chose a winner and even though the #challege did not get so popular, I am still excited to share the little things more so because this was my first ever giveaway! If you think it was a good idea, let me know so we can do more of those challenges this coming year because they are the good motivation to get moving!

I am happy to have a lot of new members added to this family, it means a lot to me that you connected, I hope you can find useful things here and feel free to contact me anytime you want. I am here to help!

My goals for FIGHT PCOS INITIATIVE this year are:

  • Write more frequently. Preferably two times a week.
  • To bring you specific exercises that many of you have been asking. I am working on it.
  • To organise a meet and greet- I am waiting to meet you all and get to know you personally very soon.
  • To do more giveaways.
  • To publish more guest articles for you.

Those are my goals for this blog. Some things that you could do from your end are:

  • Be more interactive on the blog so you can help others too.
  • Indulge into challenges.
  • Feel free to suggest changes you think can help all of us.
  • Share about this platform more among your friends and family.
  • Spread awareness in any way you can.

I get personal emails often daily regarding the articles I share and things that I write but rarely anything here on blog, I understand why it would be an issue to be more open about your illness but I can assure you that ‘this is the safe space’, if we won’t discuss our problems more openly, we would never be able to treat this as a problem so please get out of your comfort zone. It wasn’t easy for me either to share my PCOS story but that helped me reach all of you and I couldn’t be more glad!!

That being said, I am incredibly thankful for your support and love throughout 2016. You guys inspire and motivate me so much that I can’t explain or put into words. Keep spreading love, awareness and support each other through this journey. With our little efforts, day in day out we can all bring a bigger change and leave this world a better place than we found it.

I believe in you! 🙂


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